Iván Ortolá

Another close victory!

The fourth round of the junior world championship lands on the most incredible track of all: Portimão, a very characteristic circuit, but equally difficult and technical, above all because of its ups and downs on which it is anything but simple to drive with 250 horsepower.

But yet, Iván Ortolá he restarts exactly where he left off in Barcelona, in fact he manages to qualify in second position, immediately finding himself well both with the bike and with the track. That same excellent feeling that allows him to make an excellent start and to remain fighting for the leadership of the race, right up to the end, when something does not go exactly as expected:

“The race started really well, I always fought for the first in the first three positions but, when there were only two laps left, I entered the straight in first position and because of the slipstream, many other riders overtook me; while I was trying to regain some positions and I was overtaking another rider, the trajectory of the latter closed me, forcing me to brake harder than normal to avoid falling and for this reason, the bike closed and I lost further positions, practically reaching the bottom. Despite this, I managed to climb up to 12th position. I apologize to the team and thank them for the magnificent work they have done throughout the weekend. “

This is also part of the race, the important thing is to have defended the second position well in the junior world championship, bringing home important points that do not increase the gap from the championship leader. Now we are already focused on the Aragon tests, in view of the fifth round at this circuit.