Vice world champions!

The last round: between unexpected and exceptional results

After an endless wait, it is the turn of the Grand Final on the most coveted Circuit of the entire calendar: the Ricardo Torno of Valencia, where the MTA team in addition to fielding the candidate for the title of World Champion MOT, Iván Ortolá, and the exnglishman Josh Whatley, even the rookie Matteo Bertelle, vice-champion of the 2021 Campionato Italiano Velocità in place of the Swiss Noah Dettiler

In short, some unexpected changes and a millimeter proximity to a dream that could become reality lead the MTA team to take to the track full of energy and adrenaline!


  • Torin Collins #17 NC

Following a first round of qualifying Torin Collins manages to get an excellent 9th position, just in the last minutes, giving hope for the second round, where instead, 15 minutes from the end of the round, while the Canadian tried to push as much as possible to get other good laps for the combined classification, unfortunately falls and not being able to improve does not qualify for Sunday’s races, but is given a second chance by participating in The Last Chance Race, where Bad Luck still assists the driver and because of a fall in the formation lap, Torin Collins ends the season one day early.


After some difficult qualifying under the water of a unique Ricardo Tormo, the guys from MTA manage to bring home some excellent results:

  • Matteo Bertelle #28 P. 10

  • Iván Ortolá #24 P. 12

  • Josh Whatley #70 P. 25

Race 1: it had to go like this!

Race 2: dizzying emotions!

  • Junior Moto3 World Champion Vice Champion

  • Best Italian team of the Junior Moto3 World Championship

  • First KTM customer team in the Moto3 Junior World Championship

  • Ortolà best rookie in the Moto3 Junior World Championship