The future of the CEV is also taking shape!

We are pleased to announce that the Xabi Zurutuza missile will join the MTA team family for the 2022 Moto 3 season to develop its talent and reach the top, thanks to the possibility offered by our structure that accompanies talents from the first steps to success.

Xabi Zurutuza : I am very happy to be part of the MTA team in 2022, it is a dream come true. MTA is a team that I have focused on since I started competing in FIM CEV REPSOL, it seems to me a family team in which I will adapt very well. I am looking forward to working with you. All this will be possible thanks to my sponsors and my family.

Alessandro Tonucci : Xabi is a Moto 3 rookie. I have been aiming for him all this season, because he has been very fast and successful from the start. So far we have fought with other top teams to have him with us, but fortunately he has always expressed a preference to continue with MTA. Therefore, I am very happy because in the youth scene he is one of the future promises and we want to be able to make him grow with a path up to the World Championship, thanks to the family structure created and which from next year will see us also present in the Moto Gp, in addition to the other categories.

Wishing the young signing the best, MTA team is looking forward to the next season!