Moto3 world championship again well marked by the Angeluss MTA Racing, who started again at Silverstone immediately strong. Placing Stefano Nepa in fourth position in the combined session thanks to a time of 2’12″02 and Ivan Ortolà sixth after his 2’12″205. The KTM team of Alessandro Tonucci and Aurora Angelucci renewed the concept seen in the first part of the season : each seasonal Grand Prix tells the story of the Italian-Spanish duo at the top of the category, through top performance, effective working method and enviable team spirit.

“In the morning I finished in first position, already feeling really happy with the work done together with the team. During the afternoon session we tried various solutions on our KTM, which proved to work well. We were super fast on a dry track, we want to be that even if it rains over the weekend. We will do our best in qualifying, giving the best we can.”

“First day of work really positive, both in the first session and in the afternoon. I felt good sensations riding my KTM, lapping fast and optimizing the tires at our disposal. We have also a good pace for the race. First, however, we’ll have to face qualifying: rain or shine, we’ll be ready, reactive and competitive”.

“A very good first day for us here at Silverstone! It’s always nice to see our riders ready to attack: Stefano Nepa is constantly growing physically and in performance, Ivan Ortolà is excellent in terms of speed and effectiveness. The duo is close-knit and will also entertain us tomorrow.We worked well in dry conditions and, if it really rains tomorrow, we will adapt to the situation, also responding to the dangers of the British weather”.

“When you come back from such a long break, it is always good to start again from positive performance. We did so, placing the two riders in the top ten positions of the combined standings. Stefano Nepa is fourth, Ivan Ortolà sixth: the work shared with both is immediately excellent, the goal is to make it profitable in qualifying and in the Sunday Grand Prix, regardless of the mocking English weather”