USA GP • saturday

The night brought advice!

Austin, April 9th, 2022: Stefano Nepa improves and reaches Q2, Iván Ortolá has some difficulties.

The long night spent in the garage to find a solution helped both riders. in fact, Stefano Nepaalthough he made the last changes just after the start of qualifying, he managed to get the 3rd fastest time in Q1 and therefore the well deserved right to enter Q2 where, thanks to the astuteness of going on track immediately, he stopped the clock at 2’16.7, a time that allows him to win the11th on the starting grid.

Less lucky is insteadIván Ortolá who, despite having rediscovered the good feeling of FP1, is unable to make the time necessary to go directly to Q2, having to deal with Q1 in which, however, victim of the immense length of the track and consequently of the few attempts available, can not find the right wake, placing 22nd at the start of the American GP.

Today was a positive day. This morning I still didn’t have the confidence to do my style and push, but during qualifying, after some changes, I felt very good and I was able to pass in Q2. I still have to improve in a couple of corners, but we made the necessary step in qualifying. We hope to have a great race tomorrow. “

With FP3 I couldn’t get into Q2, but I’m still happy because I did a pretty good lap on my own. In Q1, I have to apologize to the team because I only had a few laps to go and I couldn’t find It was a learning session to make myself better and better. I have to have confidence tomorrow because you can get a good result if everything goes right.”

Thanks to the changes we reflected on last night both Stefano and Iván went quite well during FP3. Nepa, then went very strong, even alone, in both qualifying rounds; in fact, I’m very happy with the result he got. I feel sorry for Iván instead, he waited too long and being a long circuit he didn’t have enough time. We could have been with both drivers in the Top10, but we’re still missing a little bit of that aggression that we need to solidify the work we’re doing.

Tomorrow, however, there is the race, they will have to be fighters from the beginning so as to stay attached to the group and have the opportunity to move ahead. They can make it.”