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L’ long-term goal of MTA is to prepare and train the riders and then project them into the professional world through its structure being engaged in all motorcycle championships.

L’ short-term goal , concerning the 2021 sports season, is therefore to participate as protagonists in the Junior World Championship
Moto3, European Talent cup, at the Italian ELF CIV Moto3 and Premoto3 championship, at the National Minimoto Championship and minimoto training courses
“MTA Talent Experience”.

An innovative project as we will operate at 360 degrees in any championship, strongly desired by the former world driver Alessandro Tonucci, now the current Team Manager of the structure.

As Team MTA we compete nationally and internationally in the following leagues

Campionato Italiano Velocità

Premoto 3
Moto 3


European Talent Cup
Moto 3