USA GP • saturday

Ortolà making a comeback, Nepa in points

Austin, April 10th, 2022: For Iván Ortolá, a rocket, and Stefano Nepa this is the end of the fourth round of the season at the Circuit Of The Americas.

At the time of the traffic lights for both drivers of the Angeluss MTA Racing Team the goal is one: to recover as many positions as possible, especially for Iván Ortolá who, starting from the 22nd position, wants to get the Top15. Goal largely achieved, since the driver with the number #48 manages to climb immediately up to 7th position and then maintain 11th until the checkered flag. Although a drastic drop in tires has complicated his life, he puts a patch on a complicated weekend that has allowed him to learn a lot anyway.

For Stefano Nepa, instead, the drop of the tires, his physical condition and a set up still to be perfected for his driving style didn’t allow him to completely reach the goal. The Abruzzi’s bishop managed to conquer a good 13th position that gives him some points to add to his nest egg!

I’m happy with how the GP of the Americas ended up in the end. I was able to recover from the twenty-second position up to the seventh, but then from the middle of the race I didn’t have the necessary grip to push, because of the tires. I still managed to finish 11th though. Slowly we are finding the right path to the top. I’m glad. Thank you to the team for the work they are doing. See you in Portimão. “

It was a complicated race, because I could not push to the maximum, a bit for the set up that still has to be perfected, then there was a considerable drop in the tire and finally I was not at 100%. We still picked up a few points. I’m sorry though, because I was with the group and I had a good start. I was on the edge anyway. I’m resting now, I’ll be back at my best for Portimão!”

Today went well. Yesterday Iván was very down in the dumps, we tried to cheer him up and worked as hard as we could to give him a bike he could push with. Already in the warm up he was strong, but even more so the first few laps in the race. We still suffer from the middle of the race onwards, but we have analyzed the situation and we have clear how to move to be consistent throughout the race. “