Valentino Rossi and MTA Italy

General rehearsal for next season directly in the Tavullia ranch!

Yellow like joy, yellow like happiness, but above all … yellow like Valentino Rossi .

MTA Italia brings the two color bearers to the world championship Iván Ortolá e Stefano Nepa al Ranch di Tavullia of the world champion to play a special race, waiting for the next season: at the week edition of the 100km of champions , together with the students of the most famous academy in Italy, but also well-known motorsport champions.

The challenge that will also see the two riders of MTA Italia participate, already in the team together just like next year, will be divided into 50 overall laps on the oval, usually starting at the first light of sunset. A couple race with the passing of the baton to the teammate every five laps, at the end of which the transponder is also moved. Cross motorbikes of any brand are allowed, with 250 or 450cc displacement, specially transformed for flat track. At the end of the special, as usual, there will be the award ceremony on the podium and a final barbecue with all the participants.

To accompany the future riders involved in the 2022 season in Moto3 will be Alessandro Tonucci :

For me it is an honor to return to the ranch where I ran the 100km as a driver in 2014. I am happy that the VR46 has invited our riders and it is very nice to be all together at the ranch! I can’t wait to see the race! “

What’s going to happen? The pilots will tell you directly.