Torin Collins, hidden improvements in Aragón

A great start that of Torin Collins who signs a 2: 04.0 during the qualifying of the European Talent Cup, winning the 24th box for the double race in anticipation for this mid-season round.

He shoots well and regains some position, but the red flag of the second lap blocks Torin’s run to the lead group. A serious accident leaves everyone shaken, but the race resumes, although shortened to 9 laps. Just after the traffic lights were turned off, however, Collins and other drivers put the wheels on some oil left over from the previous fall, slipping and being forced to retreat, thus blurring any possibility of showing that step present from the beginning.

However, after the tragic disappearance of classmate Hugo Millan anything is less important.

“It is true that I improved a lot throughout my weekend and my fall did not allow to prove it in the race, but at the moment it is not important, my heart is with Hugo and his family”.

To which the MTA team also offers its deepest condolences.