Noah Dettwiler

The rhythm returns

The difficulty of the roller coaster of Portimão is felt for Noah Dettwiler who unfortunately cannot find the right feeling to get to fight in the positions in which he deserves to be. In fact, even if the Swiss stops the clock at 1: 49.8 with 1.1 seconds of difference from the leaders, he only wins the 27th position on the starting grid, so a great job is expected for Sunday, where the situation initially seems to change: an excellent start in which Dettwiler manages to gain various positions and to have a feeling that allows him to push harder, but after the restart from the red flag, the pace is no longer the same, being able to gain three positions and finishing 24th.

“I’m sorry, I will work harder for the next round. In any case, thanks team! “

Our fighter continues to hold out and work hard right from the next tests, so as to arrive very ready for the stage in the Aragòn circuit.