Josh Whatley

Among the fun roller coasters, but with some difficulties

The fourth round of the Junior World Championship starts well for Josh Whatley that manages to immediately conquer the 16th position on the grid in the suggestive, but equally complicated circuit of Portimão. Unfortunately, the weekend does not continue in the same way, in fact, the only race of this stage is interrupted by the red flag and at the restart there are only 10 more laps to go which, together with the penalty of the two long laps, are few to think about. to a comeback and force the driver to pass under the chessboard in 26th position.

“A really difficult weekend for me, I didn’t have a lot of experience on this very technical track. I apologize to the team for the mistake made and I hope to come back stronger in Aragon “ .

This is not all the potential of Josh Whatley who will undoubtedly be able to bring out the best of himself during the fifth round of the season at the Aragon circuit, after the test session scheduled for next week.