Mid-season twist!

It is a surprise what opens the fourth round of the 2021 season, in fact, the team from the Marche takes to the track with a new driver: Lorenzo Cavalletto, born in 2008 from Padua. This opens up a considerable challenge, given that the rider has tried the bike only once and will find himself fighting on a track well known by the other competitors.

Nevertheless, the Venetian lion seems to have found a good feeling, in fact, during the first qualifying round he manages to stick to Tiezzi and Pini, trying to overcome the difficulties encountered in the third sector. He improves lap after lap, approaching the Top10 with a time between thirteenth and fifteenth place, however the exposure of the red flag does not allow to make new attempts with a different tire and Q1 ends in 14th position with a 1.49’6 of all esteem, being the first official round with the bike for the new rider. The roaring character of the driver, however, comes out to all intents and purposes in Saturday’s Q2, where as soon as he gets on the track Cavalletto gets in the wake of Trolese and blocks the clock in 1.48’9, gaining some positions and conquering a deserved 12th box in the combined standings for the weekend races.

An excellent result which, however, must not make you lose your concentration, given the imminent Race 1 in the afternoon, where the Paduan driver sprints from twelfth position and when the traffic lights go off he recovers up to eighth place, approaching the fastest on the track.

On lap six, Cavalletto removes Agostinelli at almost 200km / h, reaching one of the highest speeds on the track; also follows the turn of Liguori and in this way the MTA driver wins the 6th position, but due to an error in the second sector he is overtaken by Salvans and Agostienelli, retreating to 8th place: now it is brawl, there are only 5 missing turns at the end. Even Coppa overtakes him, but the number 59 does not give up and grudgingly defends the tenth position, when a twist: Ferrandez falls and Cavalletto manages to recover Coppa, in one stroke he reaches eighth place, only three tenths away by Agostinelli.
Two laps from the end, thanks to the slipstream, Pugliese and Amadori are able to get ahead of the Cup, in seventh position and leading the second group of the race; but, with only one lap from the end, Coppa recovers him and Cavaletto is forced to finish his first race of the season in a surprising 8th position, after having left everyone in suspense until the last lap to the sound of overtaking.

After some recreation and celebrations for the wonderful debut with the new team, it’s time to focus for the start of Game 2. Under the scorching sun and temperatures approaching 40°, Lorenzo Cavalletto starts from the twelfth box, but this time he fails to recover as in the previous race and only at the end of the first lap overtakes Pugliese, then Agostinelli slips both Cavaletto and Pugliese himself and the pilot wearing the colors of MTA loses the positions acquired. Passage after pass Cavalletto is nailed to twelfth position, he seems to be struggling and in fact on the fourth lap the race falls together with Agostinelli and Salvans.

Although a fall brings a bit of a bad mood, the debut was very respectable and now we are already flying towards the next round in Misano!