CIV 2021

We leave Misano with some regret

Another stage of the Italian Speed Championship 2021, but between the capricious weather conditions and a few too many complications, we leave the circuit of Misano with some regret.

The excellent sensations during free practice make you dream of a weekend full of great results, but due to a screw lost by another bike, everything changes for qualifying: serious technical problems are encountered that do not allow us to finish the first session official and that oblige to settle for the 18th time gained in the first laps. Thanks, however, to the incredible and painstaking work of the team that lasted a long night, the bike seems to be in order to enter the track and try to get closer to the top of the grid during Q2 in anticipation of Saturday, where the start of the turn seems to be the turning point for the weekend: Santi manages to stop the clock in 9th position, but just long enough to get into the wake of the fast group that the bike presents further technical problems, which prevent it from completing this qualifying session as well. Fortunately, however, the Modenese manages to win a good twelfth box which benefits the work to be done in the race.

While Samuele Santi reviews the latest strategies together with Alessandro Tonucci, the MTA team, thanks to an impeccable coordination and telepathic communication, rearranges the bike in time for Race 1, where he takes home an improved thirteenth position. In fact, during the Warm Up on Sunday, Santi manages to remain in the # Top10, a good omen for the race in the afternoon.

To shake the small certainties acquired in the Warm Up, however, is the bad weather: clouds on the horizon threaten the possibility of having a dry race, yet only a few drops drop and we start with the slicks. Not an excellent start of the number 129 suggests a difficult race, but not even the time to complete the first lap that the red, white and black lightning bolt makes space between his opponents, and overtaking one after the other, arrives at the 7th position, where a breathtaking tussle with the opponent Venturini begins: it is pure fun, seasoned with impeccable overtaking and noble sportsmanship. It is known however, a good game does not last long!

In fact, the drops increase and increase even more up to compromise the conditions of the track: Santi slips in curve 9 together with other drivers, not even the time to get up which is immediately red flag due to the abundant water present on the asphalt. In this way, Santi is no longer allowed to leave and take the bike to the parc fermé to validate the result of the previous lap in eighth position.

So this second round ends with an atmospheric and soul storm, but fortunately we already see clearings and better times for the third round in the Imola circuit.