Samuele Santi at Mugello

For the first race of Premoto3 2021

After a long and exhausting winter break, it’s time to get back on track and who better than Mugello could welcome such a long-awaited event?

Right from the University of motorsport, Samuele Santi begins his second season in Premoto3, where he immediately proves that he has all the cards in order to play the first rows. In the free practice on Thursday, he regained confidence with that track on which he had not returned for almost a year, but where he immediately found a good feeling with the bike and, thanks to some other tricks on the part of the mechanics, he managed to sign good times.

On Friday, after fixing some more details, he goes down to the track for qualifying where the modenese locks the time trial in 14th place, despite the wind to his disadvantage, the cold temperatures and the lack of a trail. And this is exactly what we work on on Saturday: to hook the train of the fastest so as to lower the time by another second and approach the small group of heads.

The green flag of the beginning of the round does not have time to be exposed that Samuele Santi is already ready to reach his goal and at the end of the round he manages to lower his time than necessary to climb some position and place 11°. The problems, however, come Saturday afternoon, when, just two laps from the start of the race, Samuel Saints sees an opportunity to overtake and, exploiting it, perhaps too soon, it becomes the protagonist of an incredible fall to the Savelli, who destroys the bike and finish the first race of the season.

Rider okay, but returns to the pit with so much bitterness, which will be made to vanish by the skilled mechanics of the team MTA Italia and RG MOTO that do not lose heart and rearrange the bike in the smallest details, so as to resurface again the hopes of getting a good result in Race 2. However, during the Warm up there is still some technical problem that, despite being solved almost completely, will create further inconveniences in Race 2, leaving the driver without electronic gear for the whole race and causing a critical start, as well as a long Turn 2 during the first laps.

However, the modenese promise is not discouraged and manages to recover the ground lost earlier, maintaining a race pace that would have seen him compete in the Top 10, but that due to a difficult start, allows him to finish only in 20° position.

However, we return home satisfied that we have started a promising path and already focused on the next round in Misano, on 15 and 16 May.