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Indonesian GP: a bitter sweet weekend

20 March 2022|

Indonesia GP • Sunday A bitter sweet weekend Lombok, 20 March 2022 : So many difficulties and hard moments are finally just a bad memory for Stefano Nepa who, thanks [...]

Indonesian GP: rain or shine? Both of them!

18 March 2022|

Indonesia GP • Friday Rain or shine? Both of them! Lombok, March 18, 2022: Having landed in paradise on the other side of the world, in Lombok in Indonesia, today [...]

Qatar GP: both got score!

6 March 2022|

Qatar GP • domenica Both gote score! Doha, 6 March 2022 : the curtain falls on the electrifying Losail circuit for the Angeluss MTA Racing after the conclusion of the [...]

Qatar GP: is it a dream? What a qualy!

5 March 2022|

Qatar GP • saturday Is it a dream? Che qualifica! The day begins with very strong winds and poor visibility which complicate the conditions of the track on which the [...]

Qatar GP: let’s attack Losail Circuit

4 March 2022|

Qatar GP • Friday Let's attack Losail Circuit The first two free practice sessions ended today in the magnificent Losail Circuit, which saw the Angeluss MTA Racing drivers, Ivan Ortola [...]


4 March 2022|

Welcome Angeluss! MTA Racing expands the family and embraces the forward-looking project of ANGELUSS - Women Sport Management Doha, 3 March 2022 : This afternoon, in the MTA box on [...]

Portimão Test: improvements at a glance!

20 February 2022|

Portimão Test • Day 2 Improvements at a glance! Portimão, February 20, 2022: while Iván Ortolá and Stefano Nepa break the times and get closer to the top of the [...]


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