The MTA mini-riders ready

at the first stage of the CIV minimoto

Good results, great enthusiasm and a great desire to get on the track crown the first day of testing at the kart track Happy Valley of Cervia where is it Marco Macciaroni manages to place himself in 9th position right in front of his teammate Mattia Giraldi which will start from the tenth box.

After perfecting the last details in the Sunday morning warm-up, everything is ready to line up. Red light. Three, two, one … and go!
Race 1 begins, where Marco Macciaroni he has a technical problem just as he is fighting for eighth place, but his determination immediately shows and he manages to defend his position up to the checkered flag. Mattia Giraldi he has a contact at the start with a crash that does not allow him to start as expected, despite this he still manages to recover, but right at the grand finale, he falls again not completing the first career race.

Cold blood and steadfastness allow the two riders to stay and not lose sight of the goal: race 2. We start again, but fate has a copy of the previous race in store. Indeed, Marco Macciaroni after a contact while he was fighting for the positions ahead he only manages to finish in 11th place, just ahead of Mattia Giraldi in 15th position which will subsequently be snatched from him because for an irregularity he is disqualified.

In short, the weekend ends with a bit of bitterness, but confident of being able to improve, given the potential of the two mini-riders who will certainly refer to the next stop to Rieti, on 12 and 13 June.

Gaaaas riders!