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The partner who marries the MTA project has the opportunity to choose in which championship he wants to be present by conveying his image through motorcycles, box structures, trucks, hospitality, technical and representative clothing.

Alternatively, it can be involved in several championships at the same time, starting with the Junior Moto3 World Championship (SKY Sport MotoGP channel 208), European Talent Cup, ELF CIV Moto3 and then arriving at the very young of the minibike.

Therefore he will be an active participant in a project that aims at the 360-degree training of young drivers and then also supports them in their professional career.

VELOMARCHE founded in the Eighties, immediately established itself as a synonym for a manufacturing company dedicated to the production of high quality bikes with an exclusive design.
In 2007, he created the ViaVeneto® line, an expression of the elegance and style of the “dolce vita” of the 1960s. A line of unique bicycles that from year to year become more and more established and spread the desire to live and the enjoyment of beauty, typical of that time, first in Italy and then in Europe.

ViaVeneto® represents, thanks to the vivacity of the colors, the harmony of the shapes, the very definition of a great classic. A modern and current bike, which expresses with its particularities the well-being and inventiveness of the lifestyle that has always, today as then, identified us in the world. ViaVeneto®, harmonious and simple, is the perfect combination of technology and retro taste that make it unmistakable and unique.

ViaVeneto®, is the bicycle in its essence, the perfect blend of yesterday and tomorrow, the perfect traveling companion with which to travel the future roads together, without forgetting who we were. Handcrafted in Italy, it is strictly controlled in every part. ViaVeneto®, the very definition of a great Italian classic.

Officine del Savio Ahena Boilers Srl collects the experience gained over many years of work in the petrochemical sector of Mr. Reali Orazio and AHENA BOILERS in relation to the production of industrial boilers.

The latter has exported boilers all over the world and has been active for several decades especially in the biomass combustion sector. Over the years the company has consolidated its skills and pursued continuous improvement, always with a view to expanding its production range and know-how.

To date, the company, equipped with internal design, is able to supply tanks and pressure vessels of different types and sizes, as well as prefabricated tanks for installation on site. In the thermotechnical sector, it is able to build industrial boilers and biomass steam generators, as well as to build complete turnkey thermal plants, both in Italy and abroad.

Currently the company can count on the availability of equipment and means suitable for carrying out any type of work, as well as qualified personnel for each welding activity. Continuous control over the quality of work and attention to safety remain an important priority of our business. For the great attention to increasing the quality of the services rendered, the Company’s Quality System has been certified according to the following standards: ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 3834-2

Oltremateria is a brand belonging to Ecomat srl. It is a project created for avant-garde architecture and furniture, with a contemporary design, composed of innovative and eco-compatible services and materials: spatulated surfaces in EcoMalta and OleoMalta, micro-paints and coordinated profiles between
them in the exclusive color palette of the OL collection.

The project is composed of innovative technologies and a wide range of textures in different colors, decorations for floors, walls, shower interiors, kitchen tops, furniture and furnishing accessories. It makes use of specialized artisan teams and constantly updated on new techniques for continuous surfaces, which will be able to provide the innovative and exclusive ALL INCLUSIVE service throughout the national territory.

The continuous surfaces are the result of careful technological research for floors, walls and furnishing accessories. They bring benefits in the environments where they are applied and are advantageously economical because they can be applied on old floors and walls. They are highly customizable in texture and color, are easy to maintain and can be easily restored over time.

It is the first continuous surface certified against bacteria and “viruses” (coronavirus) that ionizes and purifies the air 24 hours a day.

Neomec was founded in 1996 by Alberto Barilari and Antonio Rotondo as a mechanical design company for industrial machines.

Over the years the main activity has become the realization of automatic systems and machinery suitable for the handling, transport, assembly, packaging and painting of products in numerous sectors such as wood, glass, ceramics, marble, rubber and plastics. We design and manufacture industrial plants and machinery directly for high quality solutions.

The specialization in numerous production sectors has allowed Neomec to become a technological partner with an effective international commercial presence, obtaining esteem from Italian customers and in the world. Neomec is based in Pesaro, an industrial district in central Italy, a leader in the production of machines for industrial processing in various sectors.

In its own factory with its own team, it designs, industrializes, manufactures, tests customized machines on the specific needs of the end customer, provides support and products also in subcontracting for the completion of production lines realized by partner companies