Termas de Río Hondo


The first ever Argentine Grand Prix took place in 1961 near the Argentine capital and was the first time a GP had been conducted outside of Europe. The annual visit to the South American country creates a festival atmosphere, offering a spectacular show on and off the track. In the modern era Termas de Rio Hondo continues the legacy of motorcycle racing in Argentina, modernizing itself more and more. Indeed, the world championship returns to Argentina in 2014 after a long 15-year hiatus, with the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit in the northern province of Santiago del Estero hosting the Gran Premio de la Republica Argentina – a race that had previously been held. in Buenos Aires.

The Termas de Río Hondo Circuit is located 6 km from the city from which the name comes, in the province of Santiago del Estero. It was built in an area of 150 hectares and officially inaugurated on 11 May 2008, during the visit of the Touring Car Racing championship. In 2012, the renovation and expansion of the structure began, with the aim of transforming it into the most modern, safe and exciting circuit in all of Latin America.

LOCATION: Santiago del Estero – Argentina
LENGTH: 4800 m.
WIDTH: 16 m.
CURVES: 14 (5 left + 9 right)


Stefano Nepa:

“Another new track, but I think this is one of the easiest to learn. I can’t wait to ride to make up for the last race as we start to have a set-up that works and allows me to ride strong. I can do well in the next GPs. “

Alessandro Tonucci:

“For Argentina we will be 100% rookies because Stefano has never raced either, but we will start with slightly different strategies in order to be able to start with a better advantage on Friday and therefore on Saturday in qualifying. We start optimistic and we will do our best to do well because the potential is there, we’ll see what happens! “

Iván Ortolá:

“After Mandalika I arrive in Argentina with a great desire to do well, because the situation is clear and making a good result would also help the whole team to feel more motivated. In the end, I’m a rookie and I have no pressure, but I know I can fight for the positions that matter and this, while it doesn’t make me very happy with everything, motivates me a lot to get the best out of myself. In addition, we are working a lot on every front, so the results will come! “




due to general logistical problems


FP1> 13:15 – 14: 05
FP2> 15:25 – 16:15

Q1> 18:50 – 19:05
Q2> 7.15pm – 7.30pm


WUP> 14:20 – 14:40
RACE> 17:00

Weekend timeline

Weekend results

Iván Ortolá
Stefano Nepa