Noah Dettwiler continues his growth from Rookies

The feeling acquired during the tests on this circuit also bring results to Noah Dettwiler who in fact manages to qualify 19th, after winning a good time of 1:59.2.

The improvements can also be seen in the race, where despite in the first laps scali the classification on the contrary radiating the twenty-seventh place, comeback lap after lap: first Volpi, then reaches Riu, Nishimura and Rougè. On the tenth lap he wins the twenty-fourth place, then the twenty-third, the twenty-second and finally steals from Riu the twenty-first place that his partner does not want to give up, but after a series of overtaking the Swiss imposes himself, tending behind the Spaniard.

A small effort in the last laps allowed Dettwiler to overtake Nishimura and finish in 20th position. A good result that emphasizes Dettwiler’s growth.

“The weekend started well, I had a great feeling in all the sessions, but I’m not happy with the race, I made mistakes and took too many positions in the first laps, after I tried to touch another driver. In any case all this today is not important: Rest In Peace Hugo!”

And it’s true, after the tragic news of Hugo’s disappearance, nothing matters.
Rest in peace little angel!