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Iván Ortolá, another close victory!

12 July 2021|

Iván Ortolá Another close victory! The fourth round of the junior world championship lands on the most incredible track of all: Portimão, a very characteristic circuit, but equally difficult and [...]

Noah Dettwiler, the rhythm returns

12 July 2021|

Noah Dettwiler The rhythm returns The difficulty of the roller coaster of Portimão is felt for Noah Dettwiler who unfortunately cannot find the right feeling to get to fight in [...]

Torin Collins, we continue to work

12 July 2021|

Torin Collins We continue to work To have fun on the roller coaster of Portimão there is also the European Talent Cup, where Torin Collins manages to qualify only 35th [...]

Joshua Whatley: a battle in the lead group!

17 June 2021|

Joshua Whatley A battle in the lead group! Taken from the fourth row, in eleventh position, Josh Whatley reconfirms his talent: despite losing a few tenths too much to remain [...]

Noah Dettwiler: difficult weekend!

17 June 2021|

Noah Dettwiler Difficult weekend! Still some difficulties for the Swiss rookies who can find the right pace only during the second round of qualifying, where he signs a decidedly improving [...]

Torin Collins: good first in Barcelona!

17 June 2021|

Torin Collins Good first in Barcelona! Track never seen before, but this does not discourage Torin Collins who climbs more determined than ever and lap after lap manages to improve, [...]

Iván Ortolá: closer and closer to victory!

17 June 2021|

Iván Ortolá Closer and closer to victory! Not bad weekend for Iván Ortolá that in the first qualifying round already blocks the time trial at 1: 48.745 with a difference [...]

What a pity for Torin Collins!

13 May 2021|

What a pity for Torin Collins! The Valencia circuit did not bring luck to Torin Collins which was the protagonist of a weekend that was anything but simple. Indeed, already [...]

Josh Whatley: Big step forward!

13 May 2021|

Josh Whatley Big step forward! I definitely step into improvement for Josh Whatley who manages to qualify thirteenth and take home a excellent eleventh place, following a brawl for seventh [...]


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