Josh Whatley and a nuanced weekend in that of Aragón

It begins in a different way the weekend of Josh Whatley that during the FP2 on Friday is the victim of a crash and on Saturday, after winning an excellent 10th place, is recalled by the race management to clarify the slowdowns detected during the first round of qualifying, concluding with a penalty that includes two long lap penalty in the race. It is a heavy penalty and that a priori already compromises the result of the race, yet Whatley is not discouraged and from all himself not to lose too many positions, trying to bring home a good result.

Yet even after the traffic light was turned off the unforeseen events did not end, the bike seemed to freeze, forcing the rider to lose already very important positions in view of the comeback following the two long lap. At Turn Five, he inadvertently touches another rider, while being buffered by a competitor behind him, which causes him problems with the bike.

Despite this, Whatley is determined to continue, but unfortunately after the two long lap, the group is now too detached and the damage caused to the bike begins to be felt, forcing him to retire at 7 laps from the end.

“I can not keep these things happening, I apologize to the team and I know that we will come back stronger in Jerez, also because today after the news of Hugo, everything disappears. I send a big hug to the Millan family”

As much as this result does not reflect Josh’s abilities, it is now more important to cling to the pain of Hugo’s family, everything else will be thought of from the next race.