Argentina GP • Day 1

A day never seen before!

Termas de Rìo Hondo, April 2, 2022 : after endless unforeseen events, the Argentine GP finally begins for Iván Ortolà and Stefano Nepa. A long day is expected, consisting of 4 rounds, but the Angeluss MTA Racing drivers sharpen their knives and do not stop fighting until the last thousandth of a second.

During the morning, the two riders of the team face two free practice sessions, where they begin to get to know the circuit and learn the references to be able to sign a good time and take home a position far enough ahead on the starting grid. Without many problems, they immediately find a good feeling that allows them to dramatically lower the best laps, from round to round.

After various tests to find the perfect set-up, the morning flew by, taking with them both FPs that create a combined classification in which Iván Ortolá is in 14th position and the Italian Stefano Nepa just behind, with the 18th time.
If access to Q2 is direct for the Spanish diamond, a fiery Q1 awaits Stefano Nepa who, however, manages to tame it without many problems, albeit keeping everyone in suspense, right up to the end. In fact, it is just as the checkered flag is waving to sanction the end of the round that the Abruzzese wins the second position, being able to access the Q2.

Only 15 minutes to attempt the decisive attack and between games of wakes or strategies on the last lap, time is really numbered. In any case, the warriors of Angeluss MTA Racing do not get discouraged, on the contrary they concentrate and try to file the last thousandths that are needed to start far enough not to have to get stuck in traffic during the crucial first laps of the race.
So, at the end of the games Iván Ortolá manages to win the 15th position and Stefano Nepa the 17th position , aiming for a comeback race tomorrow because the conditions are there.

Iván Ortolá:

“It was a very intense day, during FP1 I tried to adapt and take the pace on this new circuit, while during FP2 I started working on the time that gave me direct access to Q2, during which I could have do more, but now we are still working on some things that tomorrow I will try in Warm Up so as to improve myself for the race. ”

Stefano Nepa :

“In the first session we saved the soft tires for FP2 but, even after some changes, I still felt at the limit and I was unable to enter Q2 directly.
During Q1 it was tough because everyone was looking for trails to lower the time, but at the last lap in the end I made it through to Q2. I felt good, I followed the right references, but I couldn’t improve enough to start from the front. Tomorrow with a good start, I can recover, the pace is there. ”

Alessandro Tonucci :

Today I am happy that both riders entered Q2, but we weren’t able to get exactly what we wanted. It is true that the gap is very small and tomorrow we can do a good job, but it would have been nice to start in the first three rows with both of us. In any case, tomorrow is what matters, so we stay focused on the goal and try to give our best during the race. “